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Let's get you pre-approved!

Your first step towards a new home starts with your pre-approval letter from a qualified mortgage lender! Finding the right people to work with is important in making your path to a new home as smooth as possible. Strong communication, transparency, and reliable lenders are going to provide for the best experience and is the reason I recommend using only the best! These lenders always provide my clients with the most competitive rates, and go the extra mile to get them best products including down-payment assistance, credit repair guidance, military and specialty programs for our hometown heros. Its important to have people in your corner, and you can trust that these lenders will be the kind who are rooting for you all the way to closing!

Benson Ringle Mortgage Officer

Meet Benson

Mortgage Loan Officer

Supreme Lending

Recommended for:

First Time Home Buyers, Down Payment Assistance,Conventional, FHA,Investors, Refinancing 


Work with benson

Benson and Adrianna helped these two buy their first home!
Karli Spahr Mortgage Officer

She will always go the extra mile for all clients, regardless of loan size, credit history, bank account size or even if the client is difficult. Karli knows that most clients don’t have the knowledge needed for financing and need to be given their options and be educated. She prides herself in fighting hard for deals that make sense rather than just passing them off as denied because they are simply going to take a lot of time and energy.

 Getting mortgage financing sometimes takes work on behalf of the buyer before qualifying, and Karli is willing to educate those buyers so they can get from A to B and enjoy the dream of homeownership.

Cody Spahr Morgage Officer

Meet Karli & Cody 

MN & WI Mortgage Loan Officer
Fairway Independent Mortgage 

Recommended for:
Standard Conventional, Downpayment Assistance, Military Mortgages, Reverse Mortgages, Renovation Specialist, 

A mother/son mortgage duo

work with
Karli and Cody


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